Halloween, 2022

We explore best-in-class Halloween execution from retailers across the globe, including the UK, US and France. 

Diwali 2022, UK

Diwali is a festival of lights and is celebrated by almost 1.3m people in the UK.

Back-to-school, 2022

Find out how retailers and brands helped shoppers prepare for 2022’s back-to-school season amid the cost of living crisis. 

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Shoppers are very much in the swing of preparing for Christmas. Over the past couple of years, shoppers have longed for a ‘normal’ Christmas. Unfortunately, 2022 again brings new challenges and this will create unique shopping behaviours.

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Data from Adobe Analytics revealed that online sales on Black Friday increased by 2.3% to $9.1 bn, beating expectations of a modest 1% rise. Difficult to draw conclusions on a single data point While Black Friday sales are an important measure of how retail may perform this holiday season, there is a lot of noise surrounding the data. Changes to store opening hours, promotional strategies a...
Last month , we asked shoppers what they had planned for Halloween this year. 63% of shoppers claimed they wouldn’t be doing anything to celebrate, up from 55% in 2021. Globally, Halloween was expected to return to its pre-pandemic levels , but how did this translate in the UK? For those that did celebrate, we examined how, as well as the impact of both HFSS, and the cost-of-living crisis. H...
The festival’s sales growth this year was estimated to be lower than previous years. Alibaba reported its gross merchandise value (GMV) was same as last year’s, While only mentioned that its GMV hit a record. However, sales from up-and-coming products and specific customers showed strong growth. Stable sales performance Despite the on-going effects of COVID in China, the key play...
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