Understand how we build the research you see in Retail Analysis.

As a membership based organisation covering the whole supply chain we are both unique and impartial. Our primary research sets us apart as our retailer and supplier relationships enable us to get to know markets from the ground up.

Our in-depth research includes an extensive store visit programme; our team visit almost 1,000 stores across more than 50 countries a year. We combine this with information from our impressive network of industry contacts, our shopper insights and from a range of secondary sources including company reports, analyst briefings, regulatory bodies and global news services.

Our industry-leading database, accessed via an interactive tool, makes it quick and easy for you to create customised data reports for retailers, markets and channels. We provide data from over 1,000 retail operations and macro-economic projections in over 180 countries. As a subscriber, you can benefit from our five-year forecasts, market shares and channel sizes, including online and traditional trade.


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