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The evolution of food-to-go in small stores

This report covers the latest developments in food-to-go in small stores around the world, taking into account the impact of COVID-19 on innovation. It includes examples from retailers such as 7-Eleven, Sourced Market, Tambo +, Morrisons, FamilyMart, Esso, AlfaMart, Coles, Woolworths, SPAR and Central Retail Group.

Eating In vs Dining Out 2021 part I

In the first part of our two-part series, Eating In vs Dining Out 2021, we review the impact the COVID-19 pandemic had on food and drink consumption patterns last year, focussing specifically on the shift between in-home and out-of-home spend.

Eating In vs Dining Out 2021 part II

In the second part of our two-part series, Eating In vs Dining Out 2021, we examine the factors that will affect the industry over the coming year and how businesses can prepare for what lies ahead.

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Food-to-go trends 2021

Key influences shaping the direction of the food-to-go market around the world, this year and beyond.  Illustrated with examples of retailers and operators already leading the way in adapting to changes brought about by the COVID-19 pandemic.

UK food-to-go market forecast: Q4 2020 update

An update to our food-to-go predictions for 2020-2022 taking into account the latest market developments and shopper responses to COVID-19.

UK food-to-go market 2020-2022

Our food-to-go predictions for 2020 and beyond.  This year our report considers four possible scenarios for the future of food-to-go from 2020-2022. 

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Historically, across Latin America food-to-go has not been a particular hot spot for product innovation and the category is often uninspiring. This is possibly due to the vibrant street food culture in the region, which is readily available, fast to produce, delicious and affordable.

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From our global view of grocery retail we can clearly see the impact that the COVID-19 pandemic has had on the development of food-to-go in small stores. Once a hero category, reduced mobility and stay at home guidance have had a dramatic impact on category sales. In the UK we estimate this loss to be worth c£0.8bn in 2020 vs 2019 (–29%) . However, after an uncertain few months in Q2 2020 w...
In 2020, despite the Coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic, there was significant format innovation in the Nordics, especially so in Sweden. This theme has continued into 2021, with several new concepts launching so far this year already. Last month, we published an exclusive article, 10 Nordic stores to visit in 2021 . We described that the region offers something for everyone to be inspi...
With news of potentially problematic new virus strains and uncertainty over how and when restrictions will be lifted, food and drink businesses face an extremely challenging start to the year. The implications affect the whole supply chain from manufacturers and wholesalers to retailers and operators.  All links in the chain must work more closely than ever to ensure businesses survive the t...
Food-to-go Channel Update

Current developments in food-to-go with our round up of the latest news.