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Costco’s fourth quarter results revealed a strong finish to the year with total revenue exceeding $220 bn. We look at the factors underlying this performance and what to expect in the year ahead.

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Axfood had a 29.3% growth in its first half of 2022 with net sales of SEK 35.1bn. Adjusted operating profits were SEK 1.5bn which was a 20.8% increase with an operating margin of 4.2%. The retailer saw an increase of 32.8% in the second quarter with a turnover of SEK 18.4mn. Adjusted operating profits amounted to SEK 828mn with an increase of 25.3% and an operating margin of 4.5%. Acquisition ...
Couche-Tard, Circle K’s parent company, is partnering with tech-company, Mashgin, to roll-out its touchless checkout system to more than 7,000 stores over the next three years. Eight times faster than traditional self-checkout Described by the company as a “Smart Checkout” system, Mashgin has developed an AI-powered self-checkout system which can improve customer checkout times by as much as...
As the channel continues to benefit from growing shopper interest, we look at developments in Sweden, France and the Netherlands. Axfood partners with online grocery retailer In Sweden, Axfood has partnered with online grocery retailer Mathem as the two parties look to create further synergies and build economies of scale. The strategic partnership will help the two develop their online off...


A guide to Lidl and its operations today. Updated half yearly to include latest information on performance, strategic developments, marketing initiatives, key personnel and must see stores.
Your essential guide to trading with Europe’s largest grocery retailers.
A guide to Sweden's grocery market and how we expect the country, its leading retailers and channels to evolve over the next five years.

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A guide to Sweden's grocery market and how we expect the country, its leading retailers and channels to evolve over the next five years.

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Store innovation: 15 must-see new concepts in Sweden

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