Sweden store visits

Our store visit reports feature floor plans, store photos and full commentary written by our team of international retail experts. Dozens of reports are made every year of stores that feature new concepts in food and grocery retail.


We visited a hypermarket, Stora Coop, in Bromma to see how Coop Sverige has invested in the store to drive differentiation, in-store excellence and footfall. We were impressed with the sustainable initiatives and use of technology.
During a recent research trip to Sweden, we visited ICA's four formats; Maxi ICA Stormarknad (hypermarket), ICA Kvantum (supermarket), ICA Supermarket (supermarket) and ICA Nära (convenience). We were impressed by how the retailer is tailoring its offer to win shoppers.
As Coop Sverige looks to streamline its formats as part of its 2017 strategy, IGD was invited to visit the first store that was converted to the larger store concept. We were impressed with the store’s fresh produce, family appeal, strength in organic and execution in ambient and health and beauty, as well as the use of technology.
We visited this discount store where we appreciated how the banner is differentiating by promoting loyalty and low prices
We visited Coop Sverige’s busiest store in Sweden where we appreciated how the retailer is meeting multiple shopper missions in a busy transport hub.
We visited ICA’s largest hypermarket in Sweden, as well as a premium supermarket where we appreciated outstanding big box retail that maximises theatre and customer service.

The UK’s first new Netto store: a joint venture between Sainsbury’s and Dansk Supermarked. Following a visit to Leeds, we explore how the discounter is differentiating its offer.

Axfood’s flagship Hemköp supermarket illustrates how “foodie” staff and fresh food craftsmanship can help deliver excellent quality and service for customers. Take a look at how Axfood has brought this to life using digital media whilst maintaining a local community feel inside the store
We visited this ICA supermarket in Stockholm to appreciate how the retailer’s contemporary deli maximises destination appeal…
We visited Coop’s new concept store to understand how the retailer is enhancing destination appeal in large formats