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North America retail outlook 2021: performance to date

We look at how the market has been performing and assess whether the trends we highlighted at the start of the year remain relevant in the USA and Canada. The report also details the sales performance of the leading retailers as they come up against last year's surge in demand.

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This guide to Canada explores the key trends in grocery retail, the outlook for the country’s differing channels to 2022 and the growth strategies of its leading retailers.

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Our latest research provides recommendations on how you should prepare for energy transition in convenience retail. Available to IGD Retail Analysis subscribers:

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We review Couche-Tard’s results for the quarter ending 18 July 2021. Key numbers: total revenue up 39.8% to US$13.6bn Q1 merchandise and service revenues up 5.4% to US$4.1bn Same-store merchandise revenues up 5.9% in Europe and other regions (including Hong Kong), -0.2% in the U.S and -9.6% in Canada Q1 road transportation fuel revenues up 51.7% in Europe, 65.5% in the U.S and 68.1...
With more than 14,000 stores globally, Couche-Tard’s vision is to become the world’s preferred destination for fuel and convenience. Its mission is to make its customers’ lives a little easier every day. We review the retailer’s future outlook and annual results for the year ending 25 April 2021. Key numbers Fourth quarter merchandise and service revenues up 15.2% to US$3.7bn Same-sto...
Convenience retailer Circle K has introduced 100 autonomous mobile robots (AMRs) in its 140,000 square foot distribution centre in Hong Kong. AMRs provided by Geek+ Geek+ is a technology company specialised in advanced robotics and AI technologies, and provides robotics solutions for warehouses and supply chain management. The AMRs will be used to move racks of goods to human employees p...

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