Store visits

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Take a look at how FairPrice, Singapore’s market leading grocery retailer, is innovating its ‘Finest’ supermarket format to cater to a wide range of shopper needs.
Axfood’s flagship Hemköp supermarket illustrates how “foodie” staff and fresh food craftsmanship can help deliver excellent quality and service for customers. Take a look at how Axfood has brought this to life using digital media whilst maintaining a local community feel inside the store
Tesco is putting dedicated resource behind unlocking further growth potential in London. We took a tour around two of its Metro stores to examine how it is looking to better tailor the format to the catchments they serve, with implications as to how the retailer could unleash future growth from existing space in the UK and internationally.

TodoDia is one of Walmart’s key formats for expansion as it looks to grow among less affluent shopper groups. We visited this store in São Paulo to see how it meets the needs of the local community and demonstrates Walmart’s commitment to its EDLP strategy. 


We spent a day with the Walmart management team in São Paulo, visiting some of its core formats. We visited this Supercenter – Walmart’s hypermarket format – to see how the retailer is winning with large formats.

We visited the first Real hypermarket updated with the retailer’s evolved thinking about what the hypermarket should be and what it can offer shoppers. Placing the focus on the food, the store provides freshness and regional products to support its increased local emphasis.
Enfield shows how JJ Foodservice has adapted its depots to create a unique flexible service model for its catering customers, supported with leading-edge sector technology.

We provide an update on The Co-operative’s strategy, and highlight how this is playing out in Old Street, one of the retailer's generation two stores.

We visited four Massmart stores in Johannesburg to understand how the retailer is implementing its multichannel, multi-format strategy in the increasingly competitive South African market. 
RT Mart is the No. 1 hypermarket chain in China. Explore with us how RT Mart focuses on freshness of food and creating an inspirational and one-stop shop experience through excellent in-store execution.