Store visits

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Enfield shows how JJ Foodservice has adapted its depots to create a unique flexible service model for its catering customers, supported with leading-edge sector technology.

We provide an update on The Co-operative’s strategy, and highlight how this is playing out in Old Street, one of the retailer's generation two stores.

We visited four Massmart stores in Johannesburg to understand how the retailer is implementing its multichannel, multi-format strategy in the increasingly competitive South African market. 
RT Mart is the No. 1 hypermarket chain in China. Explore with us how RT Mart focuses on freshness of food and creating an inspirational and one-stop shop experience through excellent in-store execution.
Take a look at how Ito Yokado is upweighting its convenience ranges and helping customers live more healthily in its top performing Chengdu store
Where inspiration strikes”, Kings provides a unique shopping experience paired with the highest quality foods. In this store visit report, we take a look at how Kings’ creates an in-store environment to showcase its fresh foods offer, and helping shoppers to discover unique products.
We visited Walmart’s Jingtian store in Shenzhen to see how the retailer is implementing its EDLP strategy as well improving quality and ranging to appeal to a broad range of shoppers.

Recognised as one of the pioneers of gourmet grocery retailing, Balducci’s continues to raise the bar in this area.  At its recently renovated Scarsdale store, located in one of the most affluent counties in the US, with a large proportion of its shoppers consisting of high net-worth individuals, the retailer has further evolved its premium retailing concept, delivering an incredible store which meets the needs of its unique shopper base.

We visited Family Shopper, Booker’s discount focused symbol store to see how the wholesaler has created a fascia which blends elements of the convenience and discount channels
We explore how SPAR Ireland is driving format innovation with new formats across food-to-go and convenience.